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Microsoft® MCSE® 14 Day Certification Boot Camp $6,995
Microsoft® MCSA® 11 Day Certification Boot Camp $4,995
Microsoft® MCP® 4 Day Certification Boot Camp $1,795
Cisco® CCNP® 14 Day Certification Boot Camp $6,995
Cisco® CCNA® 6 Day Certification Boot Camp $2,795

The above prices include: Full Course Tuition; All Exams and Re-Takes; All Necessary Texts and Workbooks; Practice Exams and Power Crams; Hands-On Practice with Appropriate Routers, Switches and Other Equipment; Personalized Coaching and Intensive Test Preparation; Use of Laptops for Personal Study; Catered Lunches, Snacks and Refreshments; Tips, Secrets, Shortcuts and Tricks of the Trade.

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